SEM Services

You need results and you need them fast. An effective and professional Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign will get it done. This is where Pay-Per-Click (PPC) comes in.

Clients interested in a PPC campaign want to ensure that their advertising funds are well spent. All clicks are not created equal. You only want clicks from interested potential consumers of your product or service. Relevant clicks means quality traffic. We modify and fine tune the ads achieving the best click-through-rates (CTR). We adjust the bids thus optimizing the cost-per-click (CPC) and bringing the most value for your advertising dollar.

For every PPC campaign we do the necessary keyword analysis identifying the most powerful keywords and eliminating those which are ineffective. We manage the PPC campaign process by monitoring numerous metrics and making adjustments where needed. A monthly report is prepared detailing key metrics so you can see what is happening on your website. Only with detailed measurements can we properly gauge our progress and work to improve conversion rates increasing the return on your investment.

The SEM campaign can also include landing page design and optimization, geographic targeting and contextual advertising. We provide a wide variety of SEM products for most any business. Contact us to receive a free customized proposal and start your path to online success today.


Zenrem Marketing

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