Real Estate Marketing

With over 80% of homebuyers using the internet to search for homes, your website is the “front door” to your business. Today’s real estate professional must have a strong visible web presence in order to remain competitive.

The Zenrem team has extensive experience in the real estate sector.

With a variety of design layouts including mobile device presentation and rich engaging copy, we will custom design your website so that it will not only achieve high search engine rankings but will bring you highly targeted traffic to your site by using only approved SEO techniques.

Every article and feature of your site will be designed as a lead capturing device. Contacts and leads can be kept fresh with automatically-generated email campaigns. The website will be optimized for you, your region, your targeted client types and your targeted keywords.

MLS Integration providing up-to-date listing information will offer visitors the ability to check home prices in their neighbourhood daily by bookmarking a single page on your website. You can easily connect with online buyers and sellers by responding instantly to online inquiries either through chat or internet voice dramatically increasing the potential for sales.

Any SEM pay-per-click campaign will be thoroughly researched before inception and continuously monitored to ensure that the PPC program is cost-effective and attracting the best clients for your business.

Our SEO/SEM, professional web design and copywriting services are what you need in order to make your online presence a success. We understand that a clear understanding of how visitors interact with your website and the conversion rate once they’re on your site is required, so we monitor your site 24/7. Once we know how your visitors enter and exit your website and how many take the time to explore your pages we search for high-impact changes that will maximize your website’s effectiveness and improve its conversion rate.

Overall we provide you with a personalized plan of action incorporating a website design or revision customized for your business and/or an associated SEO/SEM campaign. This will ensure a highly successful online marketing strategy bringing you results at very affordable prices.

Let us take care of your online presence and advertising so you can concentrate on your real estate business with confidence and peace of mind.



Zenrem Marketing

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